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example plug-ins

Since this is a testprogram only a few plug-ins have been created. The most simple one reads data from the filesystem and creates an entry in a subtree that models the filesystem. The second plug-in uses file content to identify the filetype and creates an entry in a MIME based hierarchy. This module is currently a simple wrapper around a function exported by the $Microsoft$ $Internet$ $Explorer^{tm}$. It identifies some 30 different types. A third plug-in is created specifically for reading the proprietary metadata format often used in .mp3 audio files called ID3. This plug-in does not add items to the hierarchy, but simply alters and extends existing entries.

The last plug-in best demonstrates the strength of the system. This plug-in creates keywords from the already added information and with these keywords queries an internet directory. The directory queried is currently the google directory ( that is equivalent to the open directory project. From the answer a local version of the directory is created containing the processed files.